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The Link: November, 1955 (Classic Reprint)
by Unknown Author

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Excerpt from The Link: November, 1955<br><br>One day he got to wondering what his wife would think Of the change that had come over him. She had been very religious in her early life but the experience had gone sour. Since then she had not gone to Church and refused to read the Bible. He knew that she would be surprised, and he wanted aboveeverything for her to understand and to walk in the way with him.<br><br>He sought out one Of the men who was going home and said, Say, old man, would you mind taking my insurance papers to be mailed to my wife? That was agreed.<br><br>His friend seemed to sense that this question was merely a front for something that lay deeper and asked, What bothers you, Ken?<br><br>Ken thought a long, long time be fore making a reply, and then it was as if he were talking to a third per son. You know, stumbled Ken, I was just -wondering if there was a way for someone to tell my wife about my wonderful discovery Of the way of the bended knee. I know she will think that I must be out Of my mind to talk Of surrender. I was rather domineering in Our home, and usually insisted on those around me making the surrenders. I know it was selfish.<br><br>It was agreed that if one Of the group should be able to get a mes sage to his wife that would' be done. In any case they would all keep on praying for him and his wife.<br><br>But the excitement Of preparation for the repatriation group began to pall on him. He became moody. His appetite went, and he could not sleep for wondering if ever he would get out Of Hong Kong. He skipped several Of the fellowship meetings, for he felt he would be a hypocrite to go with all his questions.<br><br>About the Publisher<br><br>Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at<br><br>This book is a reprodu



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